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Northern Australia Along with a 5 year strategic plan for sustainable tourism, this destination offers toolkits and educational information to help organizations in the area move forward.

Greening Melbourne’s hotels
The City of Melbourne introduced an innovative environmental program to help city hotels to cut energy, water and waste management costs. The Savings in the City program aims to provide leadership, support, recognition and advice to hotels in the municipality. It will help hotels to identify economically viable actions they could take to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Hotels are the first sector to be targeted in the Savings in the City program, with 11 being among the top 200 water users in the City of Melbourne. And the hospitality sector – including accommodation and food providers – generates up to 18 per cent of all waste in the municipality, so there’s plenty of scope top make meaningful savings.

Intercity Transportation in New Zealand is aiming to be more sustainable. New Zealand’s only national public transport network consisting of 170 coach services and 3 ferry services a day to 600 communities, towns and cities across New Zealand is working to become carbon neutral.



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