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Meso American Reef Initiative– also known as MARTI is a collaborative initiative working to ensure protection of the MesoAmerican Reef Region. Their work encompasses conservation, development of vibrant communities and development of partnerships. Multiple organizations under the initiative have joined forces to help these destinations become more sustainable.

Travel Foundationis a UK based charity set up by industry for industry which aims to respond to concerns of sustainable travel. They provide tools and assistance to travelers, travel agencies and business to become more sustainable. The organization provides hands on training and tools that range from greening your hotel (or tour operator or facility) to running a water and energy savings project.

Blue Ventures – a marine conservation group awarded for its efforts in socio-economic development and resource protection in Madagascar. Given numerous conservation, ecotourism and geotourism awards.

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Interestingly NGO’s have expanded past general conservation and social concern groups to specific regional organizations. While there are still organizations such as Friends of Conservation, Friends of the Earth and Friends of the Environment, initiatives such as Friends of Maldives (FOM) and Friends of the Otter are now becoming common and their scope ranges from raising awareness of tourism issues in countries and small states to restoring environmental habitats and animals and providing local tours.


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